by nick on April 16, 2012

I consider myself privileged to work in an field I am passionate about.

It has incredible variety, lots of challenges, requires a lot of commitment and the reward is seeing lives transformed.

But no matter what you spend your days on, it pays to connect with others who can bring fresh perspective to your world.

I recently engaged a consultant to do exactly that.

At the moment I’ve got six, one-hour sessions booked about 4-6 weeks apart each.

In this process I am not looking for someone with lots of fancy phrases and techniques that I can busy myself with. I am looking for someone who has been where I have been, and has built something great that has stood the test of time.

I want to learn from the best!

So I give them open access, no-holds-barred, “hit me where it hurts”! Ouch!

The first big challenge is a great one. It’s making me reassess whether I am as passionate as I think I am about what I do. That’s right, is the reality what I think it is?

If I am finding it hard to spend the time I need on things that matter, what does this say about my passion? Maybe what I think is a time-management issue is really a passion problem?!

Perhaps if I reconnect with why I love doing what I do, then distraction won’t be an issue because I’ll being doing what I love best. Then the ongoing, unending demands of administration won’t overtake the things that really matter – because I won’t let them!

Wouldn’t have seen it from that perspective myself. I could have spent months working on the wrong problem, when in an hour I got to the root of the problem.

Thanks John!


Becoming a coach

by nick on April 13, 2012

In just a few days time I’ll be a Crossfit coach!

Checking technique.

I’ve been training with the awesome crew at Adapt Crossfit for a couple of years now and am taking the plunge to learn how to help others succeed at something I love.

It’s been a great challenge to learn something completely new, in a totally different field. In fact I’d say it’s been one of the best things I’ve done in a while.

It’s challenged me physically and mentally. It’s added new skills to my repertoire. And it’s given me even more opportunities to help people do life well.

So here’s hoping I pass the test!


Principles of Natural Running

April 11, 2012

Great video by Dr Mark Cucuzzella on principles of natural running. It’s a bit technical if you’re new to this whole concept, but very informative and worth watching a couple of times. Dr Mark is a physician and elite runner, and co-founder of the Natural Running Centre which aims to spread the gospel of natural running […]

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Minimus Zero – take two

April 9, 2012
Thumbnail image for Minimus Zero – take two

I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the New Balance Minimus Zero range – version one just didn’t quite fit my foot but they were hugely popular, especially in Crossfit circles where I mix. Interesting that what was considered a compromised shoe by running purists was just about perfect for Crossfit where variety is key. […]

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High Performance for Normal People

March 29, 2012

The secret to high performance is … not talent! Sure it plays a part, but “you were born for it” is only part of the picture. In fact some studies and authors make the point that practice and longevity play a far greater role than innate ability. Either way, talent alone is not enough. I think there […]

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New Shoe Tuesday

March 20, 2012
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Home late last night to an eagerly anticipated package from the USA. This morning I cracked it open to reveal two pairs of crazy new shoes from Soft Star Shoes – a small workshop in Oregon where unique, minimal shoes are handcrafted by a team who call themselves “elves”. Sure it all sounds a bit […]

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Great coaching

March 9, 2012
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Wherever you’re at in your chosen endeavours, other people are likely the key to growth and success. As good as you are on your own, you’d be better with others in the picture. I’ve posted before about the power of community and this time I’m talking about the power of good coaching. A coach trains, teaches, […]

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Photoblog: picking flowers

March 6, 2012
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Impromptu shot on a walk at the vineyards near our house – I promise the pic was not staged! Taken with Canon EOS 60D.

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Monday Message: Can you handle the Truth?!

March 5, 2012
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Got to listen to another inspirational communicator this weekend and this is my take-away. Truth-telling is something of a lost art. Done well it builds and enhances relationships. Done poorly, it can shatter them. Some people pretend to practice “radical honesty” and use it as an excuse to say whatever they want. There is a […]

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Siphon brew

March 2, 2012
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Got this pretty incredible looking contraption as a Christmas present last year. It’s a siphon brewing setup and has added to my coffee-making arsenal. I’m definitely on the snob side of coffee appreciation and this thing is next level! On the right is a small burner which heats water in the silver canister above. Once boiling […]

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